new urban and sensitive music
for piano and electronics

dr.nojoke - electronics
jan gerdes - piano

rand - dr.nojoke - electronics, jan gerdes - piano, new urban and sensitive music for piano and electronics photo by Shai Levy


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rand - peripherie remixes

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Peripherie Remixes

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the highly-anticipated Peripherie Remix EP of four tracks from rand's critically acclaimed album "Peripherie'' set to drop on May 26th, 2023 on vinyl in a limited edition of 300 copies and in digital formats.

Featuring remixes by Steevio, Deadbeat, Dr.Nojoke, and Andrea Cichecki, some of the most exciting names in the underground electronic music scene, this limited EP promises to take you on a journey through a spectrum of sounds and emotions.

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Cover: rand - peripherie - Jan Gerdes and Dr.Nojoke. Cover of the album painted by Jam Gerdes. Vynil, CD and digital.

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We are beyond excited to present you our debut album Peripherie
available on vinyl, CD and digital
released on September 9th 2022

For four years we have been working on a fusion of the acoustic and electronic sound worlds and now we proudly present our debut album Peripherie, nine tracks on CD, seven on vinyl, recorded live with no overdubs in 2019 at Berlin's Chez-Cherie Studios then mixed and mastered by Andrea Cichecki and put out on CD in a six-panel cardboard CD pocket and on black vinyl in black polylined inner-sleeves and a 12" poster insert.
The beautiful artwork on the cover is by Jan Gerdes himself.

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rand-I, Drawing by Jan Gerdes

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rand - I

rand’s first EP now presents three early pieces, that explore synaptic potentials, a time-space texture full of suggestions - mysterious and slowly winding like in Voodoo River, scanning frozen moments like in Disabled Seconds or feeling days with no goal like in Tragically Hip.
It may be sung in the post-cerebral continuum

Drawing by Jan Gerdes
Mastering by Sebastian Mehl

video Voodoo River

Drifting, Almost Falling:
"Utilising space, silence, electroacoustic frameworks and tones, rand take minimal piano notes and re-purpose them into a sound world that has a eerie and slightly ominous feel. You get the sense that this collaboration isn’t just about taking their respective musical experiences and joining them together. Instead you are catapulted into their own distinct world. "
driftingalmostfalling." read more

An in-depth interview with rand members Jan & Bogdan read more

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rand - II, dr.nojoke - electronics, jan gerdes - piano

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rand - II

rand´s sophomore EP is simply entitled “II”
it contains three compositions that capture moments of tension, the feeling of being lost but comfortable - moods that celebrate the beauty of these moments as they move through space and stretch time - somewhere, nowhere

video Lucid

Recorded and mixed by Laura & Simon at UdK, Berlin
Mastering by Sebastian Mehl
Drawing by Jan Gerdes

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POOLcast 083 - rand

rand merges the pure, acoustic nature of the piano with the twisted world of electronics, often breaking with expectations of normal listening habits. Unpredictably, the two seemingly so different musical and falsely pre-determined spheres can abruptly switch positions. Piano and electronics coexist on an equal level in all areas of the musical process. Rhythm, tonality and dynamics are not reserved for one of the two realms. The apparent boundaries between electronics and piano blur for moments now and then, only to appear tangible again a few moments later. This creates a constant tension that surrounds the recording from beginning to end. So it's worth taking the time to listen actively several times, preferably in different environments and states of mind, alone or together, to feel firsthand what the apparent tension between piano and electronics can trigger.

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Poolcast 059 - rand (Jan Gerdes & Dr.Nojoke)

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POOLcast 059 - Collab Special - rand ( Jan Gerdes & Dr.Nojoke )

During the lockdown Jan and Bogdan met for improvisational sessions, Jan on piano, electronics and effects and Dr.Nojoke on electronics and effects. Together they are exploring new ways to fuse and transform their unique visions through a remarkable interplay.

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I hope this find's you well, Vol. 4

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I hope this finds you well in these strange times – Vol. 4

The fourth volume in our series of compilations released in the shadow of coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns. We asked our extended network of artists to send in submissions – whether they're tracks that they've recorded at home during lockdown or something that they've dug out from an old hard drive.

The result is an eclectic collection of tracks, taking in delicate songcraft, wandering improvisations and re-purposed radio recordings. It's a document of immense creativity in the face of extraordinarily difficult circumstances, and an assembly of artists at a time when coming together in person is impossible

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rand - Hoola, video by Cosimo Miorelli

rand - Hoola


video by Cosimo Miorelli

jan gerdes and dr.nojoke - rand live debut at Kitchenparty, Berlin

rand live debut at Kitchenparty, Berlin

rand - lucid

rand - lucid

rand - Voodoo River - dr.nokoke & jan gerdes

rand - Voodoo River

rand - dr.nojoke and jan gerdes, photo by Shai Levy
photo by Shai Levy


The concert pianist Jan Gerdes and the electronic artist and techno producer Frank Bogdanowitz alias Dr.Nojoke founded rand in 2018.

Both artists share a fascination for the frontiers of contemporary piano music and experimental club electronics and the acoustic and performative interweaving of individualized, poetic and lyrical piano sound with the overwhelming, orchestral and bizarre soundscapes of electronic music.
In this field of tension between analog and digital sounds, lonely piano lines meet threatening sound walls, repetitive piano patterns exist next to crystalline electronic impulses and create fantastic atmospheres and sound scenarios as well as spaces of manifold beauty, poetry and silence.

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Jan: +49 173 200 56 22
Bogdan: +49 179 441 29 91


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